Our Services
  • Expert pruning Danka Tree Care will reduce unwanted limbs, remove deadwood, perform structural pruning, and provide restorative pruning. Our skilled climbers can perform pruning on any size tree. Even small trees can benefit tremendously from structural pruning.
  • Safe Removals  Our company can remove any tree from any area, even with no access for heavy equipment.  We are skilled in the use of cranes for larger removals, or we can safely remove a tree using the latest rigging techniques with no damage to your landscaping or structures.  We have a 100% safety record of no liability or workman's compensation claims!
  • Preservation  We use cabling/bracing systems to strengthen a trees structure and reduce it's susceptibility to damage.  We offer injections to stimulate growth or protect against insects or disease.
  • Stump Grinding  Danka Tree Care offers efficient stump grinding to remove unwanted stumps that are home to insects (and sometimes bees and yellowjackets!)  We also provide something that many other companies don't....cleanup!  We offer an additional service that removes the grindings and fills the area with rich, compost enhanced topsoil.
  • Tree Planting & Consultation  We will give advice and recommendations on what type of tree to plant and where.  It is vital that new trees be planted property by a trained professional.  This reduces the likelihood of young trees dying due to improper planting techniques.
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